P-A-U-L Lamb and the Detroit Breakdown, Callahan’s Music Hall, December 9th 2011

In May of 2011, I made the move from film to digital photography.  Sure, we had various Point and shoot cameras, but not the image quality I would really take seriously. 

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I was waiting for Nikon to come up with a full, 35mm-size sensor body that would use my old Nikon Ai lenses and work in the same way they did in my old Nikon FE.  This was also the month in which Sara and I welcomed Brady, our first grandchild into the world.  This was definitely an incentive to make the move to a “Real” digital camera, and I bought the Nikon D700.  I also picked up a “Nifty-Fifty” to go along with it.  Very quickly I realized that my old Ai lenses were no match for the modern full auto lenses.  Not long afterwards, I strained my budget again and bought the new 85mm f/1.4 G portrait lens.   The D700 with the super fast lenses were magical in their low-light capabilities

My good friend Greg invited to take my new gear to see one of his friends play at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills.  Little did I know this would lead to an entry into another genre of photography that I had not considered.

Greg’s friend is Layla Hall, the Drummer for P-A-U-L Lamb and the Motor City Breakdown.  In addition to Paul and Layla, Joey Spina was on Bass.

The Detroit Breakdown is a hard-driving Blues-Rock that plays locally as well as touring frequently in the UK and Europe, frequently with Joanne Shaw Taylor, whom they were opening for this evening.