Rio and the Rockabilly Revival Woodward Dream Cruise 2013

The Woodward Dream Cruise is a big “Mandatory” annual event for me, in fact it’s one of the factors that made me consider relocating here.  Every year, I go and shoot as many of the cars as possible at different times, mostly in the evenings, but certainly all day Saturday.  

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I post all of my automotive-related shots to, but this year, I was invited to shoot some Pin-Up shots for my friend Amy Byrd of Vanity Vixen.  When I arrived at the Vanity Vixen trailer parked off “Old Woodward” in Berkley, Amy was touching up Makeup and hair for a gal I’d never seen before.   When they were finished, I got my shots of the pinup gals, and when we were done, Amy locked up the trailer and we all moved over to a stage that was setup by WXYZ-TV for their annual dream cruise show.

There were a few other attractions, including a girl’s dance team doing a “sock-hop” routine that was super cute, but the headline act was “Rio and the Rockabilly Revival.”

This was my second time shooting a music show, but it was the one that “Hooked” me into shooting shows.